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Entertainment & Film

The agency offers services to a diverse and selective clientele. From working actors, filmmakers, scriptwriters, artists, playwrights, producers, innovative influencers, creative and product designers, concert promoters, personalities, new business leaders, and radio and TV hosts.

Talent Manager & Executive Producer

The firm caters to a varied and discerning clientele, spanning from seasoned actors, directors, and writers to visionary influencers, inventive designers, and dynamic business pioneers in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment In Sports

At OIE, LLC, strategic analysis is paramount for enduring success. Recognizing the client's perspective is indispensable, guiding meticulous examination to ensure product or concept viability in today's competitive landscape. Committed to optimizing client brands, our agency prioritizes thorough market analysis and strategic positioning.


Insider's Entertainment Group, LLC for Aerosmith, (Chicago) Paul McCartney, (Miami) Janet Jackson, (Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas), Tina Turner (Las Vegas), Prince (Las Vegas), Jazz in the Garden (Miami), Elton John, (Atlanta) Patti Labelle, (Sunrise, FL) Smokey Robinson, (Sunrise, FL) and Gladys Knight (Las Vegas), Steve Harvey, (Atlanta) DC Curry (Las Vegas)

Def Comedy Jam, DC Curry Comedy Show, and more...

Essence Magazine 1996 Olympics, Film Advisor for  the AD King documentary, "My Beloved Brother to the King." Executive Producer and film advisor for the upcoming films, "The  Salt from their Tears," "Smiles," "Rainbow," and exciting stageplays for all included. Creator, and screenwriter, Andre Simmons, Salt and Smiles Productions, LLC.